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Grain Drier & Material Handling

Grain Process Dryers

GSS Grain Process Dryers are designed with industry-leading features for reliable and fuel-efficient operation 24 hours a day. This drying system boasts long life and numerous built-in serviceability attributes. Variable speed metering feed rolls uniformly control discharge rates for more consistent grain temperature and moisture. The feed rolls are also designed to eliminate pinch points, to prevent the grain from cracking.






Soybean Process Dryers

All GSS Soybean Process Dryers are designed with industry-leading features for a reliable, fuel-efficient, 24 hour a day drying system. Custom dryer layouts are available to best fit your specific needs. The GSS Soybean Process Dryer utilizes a two fan design; one fan is a warm air fan and the other fan provides independent positive cooling air.




Rice Process Dryers

The GSS Rice Process Dryer provides continuous flow operation. Rice enters the top of the dryer in a receiving bin, flows down by gravity through the columns, and is discharged at the base. Variable speed metering rolls control the flow of rice through the columns. Columns are formed of woven-wire mesh screens and are mounted on a powder coated, angled iron frames to provide optimum airflow and long life.