Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill

HM Type  Hammer Mill

HM Type 112/120/138 Series Hammer Mill

It is used for crushing different fineness of raw material which contains low fat. High capacity

■ Coarse-grained particles - optimum particle size range.

■ Patented closed rotor design saves up to 20% energy.

■ Large screen area.

■ 1,500/1,800 rpm.

■ High capacity.


HM Type HM56/60/65/66/68/72Series Hammer Mill

■ Optimum particle size reduction, securing superior feed quality.

■ Very small screen area.

■ Nutritional value of feed ingredients is protected by low-temperature operation.

■ Energy-saving closed rotor design.

■ 3,000/3,600 rpm

■ High capacity.


HM series Hammer Mill

Spare part

HM Series Hammer Mill



HM Series Hammer Mill 



HM Series Hammer Mill



HM Series Hammer Mill


HM Serice Hammer Mill

HM56x36/40A with Magnetic separator

■ Used for crushing different fineness of raw material is low in fat.

■ Coarse-grained particles-optimum particle size range.

■ At bottom of the chamber, there is second beating structure, which can increase grinding efficiency.

■ With special treatment and good range, the hammer has longer life, and gap of screen can be adjusted.

■ Optimum particle size red