DM type Mixer 

and RM  type   mixer


  • DM/0.5/1/2/3/4/5/6/8C(stainless steel)

1. Mixing the ingredients of the feed pellets prior to conditioning and extrusion is crucial to securing uniform quality.

2. Matador offers solutions for paddle or ribbon mixing in feed production. Ribbon mixing is highly suitable for dry mixing, whereas paddle mixing is suitable for mixing dry materials with the addition of large amounts of liquids.


Horizontal ribbon mixer – RM type

■ It is suitable for handling all kinds of dry materials.

■ Built-in modules for pre-bin, mixer, and discharge bin.

■ Two opposing spiral ribbons provide high efficient mixing.

■ Mixing cycle is approximately four minutes.

■ Mixing capacity is up to 12 batches per hour.

■ Mixing accuracy is CV 7%.


Paddle mixer – DM type

■ it is suitable for handling all kinds of dry materials with the addition of big amounts of liquids.

■ it is matched with two liquid constituents pipes.

■ shaft paddles mixing ensures high mixing accuracy.

■ Mixing cycle is 3-4 minutes (dry mixing).

■ 10-12 batches mixing per hour. 

The MATADOR biomass  mixer is a batch mixer for mixing of biomass and liquid. Several types of liquid constituents can be added during mixing.

• Documented mixing accuracy 1:100,000
• Mixing time 2-3 minutes per batch in dry mixing
• Optional batch size 20-100%
• Trough with large self-cleaning effect
• Efficient emptying
• Large inspection and cleaning doors
• Addition of up to three liquid constituents
• Modular mixer arrangement with pre-bin and surge bin.

The paddle mixer trough is a welded constitution, cylindrical with tangential inlet.
The mixer is made of carbon steel or with parts in touch
with materials made of stainless steel - excluding the mixing aggregate.
The mixing aggregate consists of a shaft with paddles
radially adjustable to ensure maximum mixing accuracy.


DM series mixer


  • RM/0.6/1/2.5/5/7.5/10/12.5/15C

RM series mixer