Designed and produced in accordance with the capacity of the silo and the specification of the product to be stored, ventilation channels are installed into the concrete during the basic reinforced concrete construction of the silo.  These channels are coated with specially twisted, galvanized slotted sheets which are designed according to the product specification.

Ventilation vents provide the easy discharge of dust and pesticide forming inside the silo. These vents have a pitched structure and their frontal surfaces are woven with wire drapery. These draperies prevent birds and similar foreign materials getting into the silo. Their pitched structure makes the penetration of rain and snow impossible.

The air suction direction of fans is of wire drapery and the air discharge direction has a louvered structure. Louvers open during the operation of fans and close following the stop.

Ventilation systems decrease the moisture level and prevent the emergence of pests while they diminish the deterioration rate of the grain inside the silo.