Enrichable Cage

Enrichable Cage

Enrichable Cage

The main components of our cage system are made of hot-dip galvanized sheet and wire materials. The construction of our cages and the galvanized sheets and wires used in the cage compartments have ISO 9001 certificate and the surface coatings of the sheets and wires used have high standards.

Upon the enactment of the law which stipulates the use of enriched cages, this model of cage can be turned to enriched cage by removing some parts simply and easily then adding some components stipulated by the law.

The cage system is designed in a way that the cage shall not get affected from the ground movements. There is one cage leg in every 60 cm and these legs are strengthened with the shoes placed under these legs. 

Cage Compartments

The compartment has size of 1200 x 625 mm. The side walls are made of galvanized wires. Thus, more homogenous and more productive ventilation is ensured. Thanks to the suitably inclined bottom wires, the eggs easily easily reach the egg canal and the rate of breaks and dirt that may occur on the eggs are reduced to minimum levels.

Feeding System

The feeding system with carriage is full-automatic and made of hot-dip galvanized sheet and painted steel sheets. Thanks to the specially designed feed distribution apparatuses, the feed is distributed hygienically, homogenously and equally. The losses of feed are decreased to minimum amounts. Thanks to 4 level adjustment, the feed can be distributed in the desired level.

The feed is preserved in the silos having a conic bottom and 6 legs placed out of the cages. The feed in the carriage feeding system is distributed automatically to the food carriages by means of spirals that go through the pipes of 125 mm. The feed carriages are moved by means of electrical engines of 0,75 HP and steel ropes on the rails over the cages.

The feeders are specially designed for equally distributing the feed to each floor of the layer cage and preventing the feed spillage out of the feeder. By using this system, waste of feed is minimized and the layers are offered fresh feeds. In addition, it is not possible for the layer to pick out the feed thus the layer consume all of the feed distributed.

Watering System

There are four nipples for two compartments over the PVC pipes going in front of the cage from one end to the other, between the cages and drip-holder in the shape “V” under the watering pipes.

In each tier and line, there is a water reservoir. The water coming from the water supply is sent to the watering pipes under the optimum pressure by means of water reservoirs.

Technical Drawings


GürTech T-625 1200x625 mm