Broiler Cage

Broiler Cage

Broiler Cage

Main components of the cage system are consisting from hot-dip galvanized sheet and wire material. The construction of our cages and the galvanized sheets and wires used in the cage sections are ISO 9001 certified, and the surfacing of the used sheets and wires are of high standard.

The cage system is designed in a way that the cage shall not get affected from the ground movements. The main construction of the cage system has one cage stand every 120 cm and wide-based footings put under these stands.









Cage Section

Cage sections are manufactured as 2400 x 1350 mm. Sidewalls are made of galvanized wire. The cage section’s buttom parts are manufactured from a special, stabile but also flexible plastic material. The flexibility granted by the special design ensures the comfort of the animals. Because of the sliding system of the under-plastic it is pulled and thus it is ensured that the animal to be slaughtered falls on the conveyor.

Watering System

Watering system; 8 red plastic and stainless steel nipples for each section and water cup (manual) in each section over 2 sets of PVC pipe passing the cage overall. Automatic water flow is ensured when the poultry touch the metal part at the end tip of the red nipples. Each floor of each line is equipped with each one water reservoir or regulator according to cage lenght.

The water from the water supply is given to the reservoirs under a suitable pressure and is send from there to the drinking water pipes.













Manure Transport Conveyor Horizontal

A conveyor band operating on a galvanized construction with moving rollers and 1.5 HP reducer motor.

Manure Transport Conveyor Vertical

A conveyor band operating on a galvanized construction with moving rollers and 1.5 HP reducer motor.

















Feeding System

The system with spiral pipe and basin feeder is full automatic. The feed is stored outside the cages in silos with cone shaped base and 6 stands. Extra resistance is granted with the special designed corrugated sidewall sheets and vertical junction kingposts are granting an extra resistance. The feed is distributed from the silos to the feed containers in front of the lines through spiral coils passing through the pipes of diameter 125 mm. The feed is automatically transferred to the plastic feed containers available in each section through a spiral pipe with a diameter of 45 mm and by means of an electric motor. The feeders are designed in a manner allowing the chicks to reach the feed from the first day. Thus, no special feeders are required. Thanks to the minimized dimensions more place is granted to the hens.









Broiler Transport Conveyor

The part at the rear of the cage inside the building of the system is equipped with an elevator, during the transport of the broilers it is elevated to the manure and broiler belt levels of each floor. The part of the conveyor outside the building is telescopic and is designed in a manner fitting at the finishing point beneath the broiler transport vehicle. Thus the hens can be transferred until the vehicle.








Manure And Bro─▒ler Belts System And Transport Conveyors

The manure is taken and cleaned by means of 1,0 mm polypropylene (PP) manure belts and movement motors with 1 HP manure conveyor reducer, which are equipped along the cage and ensure a perfect cleansing of the manure. This strong and stabile structure is functioning even in very long cages. The manure is transferred by means of a roller and scarpers on every floor to the manure discharging conveyor at the end of the cage and is brought outside from here. This belt is also used in order to transport the hens to be slaughtered. Thus it is ensured that the hens are collected in a shorter time and with less labor. The part of the manure conveyors at the back of the poultry-house is equipped with a protective cover in order to prevent spreading of the manure to the outside and pollution of the poultry-house and to ensure an orderly transfer to the manure conveyor.

Technical Drawings


GürTech BR-135 2400X1350 mm