Quality of Grain Storage System

Protect Your Grain In Safe Steel Silos

turco silos are special design with strength steel construction to carry their load easy. All design details are considered to stock the grain in securely. The production will be done according the Silo Diameter and the storage product. The Design from the silo diameter and construction is special, because the natural conditions, like; Earthquake, wind and snow load can otherwise influence the silo. Because of the feature from the special design walls sheet supports cam the silo the own weight, the weight during the loading or discharge and wind or earthquake easier transfer to the ground.

The high sensitive heat control system is necessary to protect the health from the Product. if the grain stock is in danger because of the heat, like mold or insects; you should keep the heat under a specific temperature. Hereby come the most sensibility Temperature Measuring System in the world in use, Protect you product and keep the heat under control.

Turnkey Grain Storage Technologies

turco assure of their professional staff and top quality in the subject of grain storage technology. We followed the technology developments and stay update in this sector and we take the responsibility to respond all the demands from our customers.

We are one of the leader in this sector because of our quickly turnkey project delivery and active workforce.

turco has with the suitable price politicy and mutual formula win-win a good relationship to the customer. Our strategy is economic and with our quality, before and after the sale to support our customer and give our customer full satisfaction.

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